Want to get away from Christmas?

Bah Humbug,  Scrooge had a point 🙂

Christmas not for you, want to ignore the festive season, you can. Although we cater for Christmas in Luxor we understand that not everyone wants to join in. We have had people recovering from family problems who would rather not have Christmas shoved down their throats. No Christmas dinner thank you, no Merry Christmas, no decorations. They want to get away from Christmas. Of course non Christians (Muslims, Sikhs and Buddhists) don’t really want to celebrate this very Western festival. This is not a problem at Flats in Luxor. Our Christmas parties are totally optional and our Nubian Eco Village is a peaceful tranquil family free zone. In fact it is a totally touristic event in Luxor as the Egyptian Christians do not celebrate Christmas on 2th December but 6th January so apart from tourists nobody in Luxor is celebrating anything. Which means you can just have a normal holiday and ignore Christmas totally.