Holiday Eco Villas

Nubian Village Hotel Luxor (11)What better way to spend your Egypt holidays than to stay in a relaxing and luxuriously furnished villa in the beautiful city of Luxor in Upper Egypt! Not only are these comfortable one room, traditional domed villas comfortable and very well appointed, they are also ecologically friendly and are built by craftsmen from Edfu according to local Nubian design with the dome serving as a means to keep the villas cool without the need for CFC producing airconditioners. Here’s Jane to explain more about the concept of our Nubian Eco Village villas below.

Jane explains what was the inspiration for the Nubian Eco Village and why the design is an eco friendly one.

To see how the local craftsmen built these villas, there is a short video of some photos taken during the construction of the villas. The thick walls are a key design feature that naturally helps to keep the flats cool in summer and warm in winter without the use of air-conditioning.