Hidden Luxor Temple – mosque

Luxor temple is a very popular site, Sphinx Avenue leads into this magnificent temple built by a variety of pharaohs most well known of whom are Ramses II and Amenhotep III and of course Tutankhamen.
Right in the middle of the temple is the mosque of Abu Haggag and it is at a much higher level than the rest of the temple as it was built on centuries of debris. Most people just look up at the doorway and carry on but I am going to take you inside.
You have to exit the temple and to the right you will see the steps leading up to the mosque. Go inside, they don’t mind. In fact they are very proud of their mosque. Avoid prayer times of course. Please dress respectfully, down to elbows and knees and up to neck men and women but no need to cover your hair.
They will show you round and explain the various rooms; you have to take your shoes off so make sure your socks don’t have holes. The Islamic parts are very interesting, tombs of the saints, prayer niches, wonderful lamps and carpets. There was a recent restoration and all the Pharaonic parts of the mosque are on display.
Right in the middle on the prayer hall there are figures of Ancient Egypt, Egyptian gods and goddess, hieroglyphics, pillars and lintels. There is a great glyph of an elephant, part of the name of Elephantine Island. You can see the back of the first pylon in lots of detail and they will open the door that hangs feet above the rest of the temple and you can look down on the hordes of tourist and tour groups who don’t know about Hidden Luxor Temple like you do.
Of course baksheesh is expected, pay about the same as you would for entrance to the Valley of Kings or Karnak temple.