Getting to Luxor

There are many ways to get to Nubian Eco-Village and to get around Luxor and see the sights once you’ve arrived:

Train Transport
There are two ways to get to Luxor and the Nubian Eco-Village by rail: via cheaper Egyptian National Railway services, or “wagon-lit” sleeper service. The more expensive First Class sleeper service is operated by the Abela Egypt company and needs to be reserved at least a day in advance, but gives passengers a much greater level of comfort, with meals and beds included. These sleeper services run daily from Cairo, Alexandria, Aswan and elsewhere to and from Luxor’s centrally located train station Midan al-Mahatta.

Air Transport
Many low-cost carriers – including Thomson Airways, Thomas Cook Airlines and easyJet – among other airlines offer cheap flights to Egypt and Luxor International Airport (LXR) departing from airports a range of European airports including Manchester Airport and London Gatwick Airport.

Those looking for flights to Luxor from the USA and elsewhere may need to first book flights to Cairo Airport (CAI), or other airports in the Middle East or Europe. From there, they can fly via connecting flights to Luxor. Lufthansa, EgyptAir and Air France are among major airlines that offer flights to Egypt’s Cairo Airport.

River Transport
Once you’re staying at the Nubian Eco-Village, you can take boat trips along the Nile River and see the area’s spectacular scenery from a new perspective. Wooden felucca sailboats, public passenger ferries and private motorboats are all Nile travel options open to you, as well as high season cruise boats for longer trips with full bed and board.

Without doubt the most charming way to see Luxor by water is on a sailing boat, which allows a slow and relaxed journey where you can take in your surroundings.

You can travel from the West Bank to Corniche and back cheapest via the ferry, which runs regularly throughout the day and night.

Motorboats, privately hired, are usually much more expensive but are often a good way for groups to travel as you are charged according to the length of the trip rather than according to how many passengers are carried.

Road Transport
There are all kinds of ways of travelling around Luxor and seeing the sights, from taxis and microbuses to horse-drawn carriages known as calèches. You can also rent bicycles, cars or motorcycles if you wish, but driving your own motor vehicle may not be best for those new to Luxor who haven’t yet become accustomed to its roads and traffic.

Microbuses are often crowded and also travel only along set routes, so taking a taxi is usually the fastest and most direct way to get to your destination. A ride on a calèche, meanwhile, is a great way to immerse yourself in the city in a slower but more traditional way of travelling where you have more time to look out at all of Luxor’s charms.

If you want to explore more of Egypt by road, you can catch buses to Port Said, Dahab, Al-Kharga, Cairo, Hurghada Sharm el Sheikh and elsewhere from Sharia al-Karnak, the main bus station of Luxor.