Getting more out of your holiday in Luxor – Tomb of Ay

Want to go to a royal tomb and be by yourself, this is the place. It is a separate ticket to the main valley and you either need to be a walker or have a driver prepared to take you the 2km to the tomb. On the way there you go past the tomb of Amenhotep III which is currently being restored by the Waseda University. Their website is well worth a visit to see the interior of this tomb. Opposite the entrance to this tomb are some shallow, rectangular pits. They are the remains of the workman’s huts. Further up near the tomb of Ay is a partially excavated entrance which was used by the BBC when they filmed a 6 part documentary. Actually there are often film companies working here as it is so remote and empty. Sometimes you even see desert foxes with enormous ears. Finally listen out for an echo of a Manchester accent echoing through the valley. You just heard my dad. I scattered his ashes there. Yes my dad is buried in the Valley of Kings!
The tomb itself is one of my favourites because of its lack of tourists. Lots of time to really appreciate the paintings. Probably done by the same artist as Tutankhamen. It has a scene of the king hunting in the marshes which betrays his plebeian origins. Even the restored sarcophagus has goddess on it which could have been modeled on Ankhesenamun. Did Ay murder Tutankhamen, the jury is still out on that but I have my suspicions.